Can SciMar NuPa Daily help me lose weight & burn fat?

SciMar NuPa Daily gives you back your edge

two people work out outside on top of a roof as they try to lose weight and burn fat

“There's no magic weight-loss pill on the market,” says John West, Chief Development Officer of SciMar. “If there was, we'd all be taking it.”

But there is SciMar NuPa Daily and it could be the next best thing to magic.

Among other benefits, hepatalin*. When you produce enough hepatalin, more of the nutrient energy you consume is partitioned into muscle, and less is partitioned into fat. In other words, SciMar NuPa Daily supports your metabolism and complements your efforts to lose fat.

What does this mean for me?

“Every day, you do something that either harms or helps your health,” says West. “But there could be a level of damage being done on a more permanent basis, and that is damage being done to your nutrient partitioning—how your body metabolizes the food you eat.”

As we age, our bodies become less efficient at storing calories as muscle, and more efficient at storing calories as fat. Some adults simply eat less than their younger selves to compensate, effectively maintaining their shape, but the damage below the surface still remains.

 “SciMar NuPa Daily gives you your edge back," says West. "That's the difference. It supports your body to partition calories as if you were younger."

What can I do?

“Look at your metabolism as something that can be damaged,” explains West. “SciMar NuPa Daily is the first product on the market to address this longer-term damage. It helps halt this negative impact on your nutrient partitioning.”

But SciMar NuPa Daily can’t do the job alone.

"Pairing SciMar NuPa Daily with lifestyle changes is best,” says West. “Not only are you stopping the damage, you're creating the benefit. You create the benefit by exercising and eating well. We stop the damage to your metabolism through SciMar NuPa Daily." 

How does SciMar NuPa Daily do it?

West explains that when people burn fat, their bodies emit particles called free radicals: oxygen-containing molecules that can easily trigger chemical reactions in your body.

Your body recognizes these molecules as potential threats, and as a result, extinguishes them—although not perfectly. The result is inflammation and further damage to your body's ability to partition nutrients.

Dr. Wayne Lautt, the pioneering researcher behind SciMar, hypothesized that if burning fat puts the body under this oxidative stress, then an antioxidant could be created to lessen the damage that this burning fat causes. SciMar NuPa Daily was born.

By taking SciMar NuPa Daily, your body is simply keeping its free-radical fire extinguishers full, acting as an antioxidant to the very precise oxidative stress that damages your liver. As a result, your body slows the rate at which it turns calories into fat, helping you be the healthiest version of you, now and for as long as possible.

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*In the academic literature, hepatalin is known as hepatic insulin-sensitizing substance (the “HISS” hormone).