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25+ Years of Research
20+ Key Discoveries
200+ Peer-Reviewed Publications

SciMar was founded to further the research efforts of the Michael Smith Award-winner in scientific research, Dr. W. Wayne Lautt, as he works to unveil a new paradigm in the prevention and treatment of Type 2 diabetes.

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Our Mission

The employees at SciMar

SciMar NuPa Daily is composed of the same formulation that our team used in the lab for years.

SciMar NuPa Daily

About The SciMar Team

SciMar NuPa Daily is the product of ingenuity, rigor, and passion. The SciMar team comprises accomplished scientists and skilled managers bonded together by a sincere desire to contribute positively to global well-being, to inspire people to take charge of their health, and to change the conversation about metabolic health and Type 2 diabetes.

Under the leadership of award-winning scientist Dr. W. Wayne Lautt, the SciMar lab team includes experts in clinical trial leadership, liver function, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, exercise, molecular biology, data analysis, cell culture analysis, and mass spectrometry.

Supporting our staff team is a network of 25+ experts and suppliers in the United States and Canada who provide expertise in patents, trademarks, intellectual property, manufacturing, regulatory affairs, marketing, e-commerce, shipping, logistics, and clinical trial management.

Dr. W. Wayne Lautt

Dr. W. Wayne Lautt

Prof. Emeritus at the University of Manitoba; Founder, Chief Scientific Officer, SciMar Ltd.

Mick Lautt

Mick Lautt

Chief Executive Officer, SciMar Ltd.

John West

John West

Chief Development Officer, SciMar Ltd.

The SciMar NuPa
Product Family

While SciMar NuPa Daily is a supplement that almost everyone can take, the future of the NuPa product line is dedicated to meeting people's needs at all stages of Type 2 diabetes progression.

Through this research, SciMar has developed novel products to diagnose, support, and reverse any damage to the hepatalin* hormone along with a synthetic version of the hormone itself.

SciMar NuPa Daily

A nutraceutical for metabolism, immunity, and mood balance that is believed to protect the production of hepatalin.

SciMar NuPa Test

Measures the body's ability to produce hepatalin, thereby detecting Type 2 diabetes earlier than ever possible before.

SciMar NuPa Renew

A prescription drug that activates the production of hepatalin.


SciMar Ltd. is developing a synthetic version of hepatalin in a way that can be used along with insulin as a new combined treatment.

SciMar has patents in 10 countries, collectively representing the full range of its technologies. 30 patents issued, in-process, and filed in total.

Grants & Commercial Support

While working as an academic, Dr. W. Wayne Lautt attracted $17.3 million in academic grants and private/commercial support.
Plus $20 million In-Kind Support From 1967 to 2000