What is SAMe?

The powerful SciMar NuPa Daily ingredient you’ve probably never heard of

What is SAMe? This molecule chart explains the make-up of S-adenosyl-L-methionine

"As a physiologist, I think of the body working together as a whole," says Dr. Wayne Lautt, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of SciMar.

That’s why SciMar NuPa Daily—a groundbreaking new supplement that supports metabolic health—is built from three ingredients that work better together than they do on their own. 

"I hesitate to call it a miracle drug," says Dr. Lautt. "But people get excited about just taking Vitamin C or Vitamin E by itself. Or taking SAMe by itself. The fact that we've shown a powerful synergistic effect of these three compounds is even more exciting!"

SAMe (the short form of S-adenosyl-L-methionine) is a naturally occurring molecule produced by the body, but it can also be synthesized in a lab. It’s involved with the formation, activation, and breakdown of hormones and proteins. It can also elevate mood, protect the liver against toxicities, maintain nerve health, and promote a healthy glucose metabolism. SAMe has been sold as a dietary supplement in the United States since 1999, and has been available by prescription in parts of Europe for many years longer than that.*

But perhaps the most exciting thing about SAMe, and why it’s found in SciMar NuPa Daily, is its ability to protect the body’s production of glutathione: an antioxidant produced in cells.

"Antioxidants have been studied for years, but the clinical results have often been unsatisfactory," says Dr. Lautt. "I believed these unsatisfactory results were because these antioxidants weren’t formulated to target all areas of a cell."

So, Dr. Lautt decided to create an antioxidant that could.

"The results were almost too good to believe," says Dr. Lautt. "The SciMar NuPa Daily combination offers protection against what we call the AMIS syndrome."


The AMIS syndrome, also known as AMISS, is the absence of meal-induced insulin sensitization. The syndrome is a progression of pathologies that lead to Type 2 diabetes and all of its worst consequences. SciMar NuPa Daily works to protect the liver’s production of hepatalin**—an important hormone involved in the body’s ability to store calories as fat or muscle. By protecting the production of hepatalin, the progression toward poor metabolic health can be stopped in its tracks.

When we eat, the calories we consume are stored mainly in either fat or muscle. But as we age, or as our metabolisms become damaged through unhealthy lifestyles, our bodies become less effective at storing calories in muscle, and better at storing calories as fat.

These changes impact the body’s ability to produce hepatalin. And without hepatalin, glucose levels spike higher after eating meals, the body then secretes more insulin, and more calories are stored as fat. This is a problem, as these are signs of pre-diabetes.

"What we’re able to show with our research data is that it’s absolutely clear that chronic AMISS is the precursor of Type 2 diabetes and obesity," says Dr. Lautt.

"Taking SAMe alone doesn’t protect the body’s ability to produce hepatalin. But combined with Vitamin C and Vitamin E in specific quantities, all three together slow or stop the progression toward Type 2 diabetes," he adds. "SciMar NuPa Daily is an important health intervention."

Dr. Lautt’s career as a research scientist began decades ago with an interest in how the body works, and if it wasn’t working properly, to discover why.

"Discovering the formulation for SciMar NuPa Daily was almost by accident," says Dr. Lautt, Professor Emeritus, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at the University of Manitoba. "By questioning what doesn’t work, we showed what does."

SciMar NuPa Daily isn’t just important for your health. It’s critical for SciMar’s next chapter—the Wellness Transformation Network, an outreach initiative that focuses on lifestyle interventions to prevent Type 2 diabetes.

"Because our lifestyles very clearly result in alterations of nutrient partitioning—even without knowing what those lifestyle issues are—we know that we can defend against the development of AMISS by taking SciMar NuPa Daily," says Dr. Lautt.

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*We encourage you to speak with your healthcare provider before taking SciMar NuPa Daily. This is especially important if you are taking antidepressants, including selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) and monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors.

**In the academic literature, hepatalin is known as hepatic insulin-sensitizing substance (the “HISS” hormone).