Taking Vitamin C to the next level

Vitamin C's makeup - how taking vitamin C can improve your health

Great alone, even better in SciMar NuPa Daily

Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient with many benefits. Beyond its popular uses for supporting immune functions during flu seasons—or keeping scurvy at bay for sailors—it also helps with wound healing, collagen formation, bone health, and nutrient metabolization. Because the body can’t produce Vitamin C on its own, it must be sourced from foods or supplements.

Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant, which is why it’s one of the three ingredients found in SciMar NuPa Daily: a groundbreaking supplement that supports metabolic health.

“Vitamin C was the obvious choice for SciMar NuPa Daily,” says Dr. Wayne Lautt, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of SciMar. “We chose to include it in our formulation because it's well-known, has low toxicity, is easy to take, and is easily tolerated.”

SciMar NuPa Daily’s three primary ingredients (Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and SAMe) are carefully calibrated and work in harmony to protect the liver’s production of hepatalin*—an important hormone involved in determining whether excess glucose in your system is absorbed by your muscles or stored as fat.

It’s a process known as nutrient partitioning. And the body can either do it well, or it can do it poorly.  

Dr. Lautt explains that as we age—or as our metabolism becomes damaged through unhealthy lifestyles—our bodies become less effective at storing calories in muscle, and more effective at storing calories as fat. This progression toward poor nutrient partitioning can be stopped in its tracks by protecting the body’s production of hepatalin through healthy lifestyles, supported by SciMar NuPa Daily.

This protection is important, because without hepatalin, AMISS will develop. This syndrome (the absence of meal-induced insulin sensitization syndrome) is a progression of pathologies that lead to type 2 diabetes and all of its worst consequences.

SciMar NuPa Daily is the first nutraceutical intervention of its kind that helps you do battle against AMISS by protecting your production of hepatalin.

The Science

So, how does SciMar NuPa Daily do it? It comprises ingredients that protect the cell at every level.

Vitamin C—the liquid-soluble antioxidant—in SciMar NuPa Daily protects the liquid parts of the cell. It offers the first line of defence against damage caused by free radicals, which are responsible for the natural aging and poorly functioning metabolisms that impact hepatalin production.

“Vitamin C is often the first compound to be hit by a free radical,” says Dr. Lautt. “When this happens, it causes Vitamin C to donate a hydrogen atom to that free radical. As a result, that free radical is stopped from oxidizing anything else.” 

However, because Vitamin C lost its hydrogen atom, Vitamin C now becomes oxidized. This triggers SciMar NuPa Daily’s second ingredient—Vitamin E—to donate a hydrogen atom to Vitamin C. 

With Vitamin C restored to normal, and Vitamin E now oxidized after its atom donation, the third ingredient in SciMar NuPa Daily—SAMe—enters the picture.

“To get Vitamin E back to normal, glutathione plays major role in making this possible. And that's what SAMe does: it protects the formation of glutathione," says Dr. Lautt. 

“When we start talking about synergy, this is what we mean. Not only are these three ingredients protecting different parts of the cell, to cover the whole cell, but they're also able to interact with each other. If one of them gets hit particularly hard by a free radical, the others can back it up.”

Protect your body against AMISS. Start your subscription to SciMar NuPa Daily today.

We encourage you to speak with your healthcare provider before taking SciMar NuPa Daily. This is especially important if you are taking antidepressants, including selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) and monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors. 

*In the academic literature, hepatalin was originally known as hepatic insulin-sensitizing substance (the HISS hormone).